Other Reports
Composition of Board of Directors and Committees
Voting Result - 35th AGM - 2018-19
Reconciliation of share capital 30.09.2018
Reconciliation of share capital 30.12.2018
Reconciliation of share capital 31.03.2019
Reconciliation of share capital 30.06.2019
Reconciliation of share capital 30.09.2019
Reconciliation of share capital 31.12.2019
Reconciliation of share capital 31.03.2019
Reconciliation of share capital 31.03.2020
Reconciliation of share capital 30.06.2020
Statement of Investor Complaint 30.09.2018
Statement of Investor Complaint 31.12.2018
Statement of Investor Complaint 31.03.2019
Statement of Investor Complaint 30.06.2019
Statement of Investor Complaint 30.09.2019
Statement of Investor Complaint 31.12.2019
Statement of Investor Complaint 31.03.2020
Statement of Investor Complaint 30.06.2020
Reg 74(5) 31.03.2020
Reg 74(5) 30.06.2020
Reg 74(5) 30.09.2020
Reg. 7(3)__Compliance Certificate_30.09.2018
Reg. 7(3)__Compliance Certificate_31.03.2019
Reg. 7(3)__Compliance Certificate_30.09.2019
Reg. 7(3)__Compliance Certificate_31.03.2020
Reg. 7(3)__Compliance Certificate_30.09.2020
Reg. 40(9)Certificate from PCS_30.09.2018
Reg. 40(9)Certificate from PCS_31.03.2019
Reg. 40(9)Certificate from PCS_30.09.2019
Reg. 40(9)Certificate from PCS_31.03.2020
Reg. 40(9)Certificate from PCS_30.09.2020
Corrigendum to Notice of egm dated 10 February 2021
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